Clara Delevingne Snubs To Martin Brundle’s Interview

Clara Delevingne

English model Clara Delevingne was present at the 2023 F1 British Grand Prix held at the Silverstone Circuit this week. While Max Verstappen came first, followed by Lando Norris in second and Lewis Hamilton in third positions, it was Clara Delevingne snubbing veteran racing commentator Martin Brundle that caused much drama.

Martin Brundle is a former British racing driver, who had formerly raced as a Formula One driver and since 1997 has been a motorsport commentator. Like usual, Brundle had been interviewing stars and Hollywood biggies present at the Silverstone Circuit. However, when he approached Clara Delevingne to get her take before the race started on July 9, Delevingne refrained from replying to Brundle. 

Clara Delevingne Responds To Her Sub & Viral Video

To add much to the drama, a video of Clara Delevingne snubbing Brundle has taken the internet by storm. In the video, Delevingne can be seen saying no and shaking her head when approached by Martin Brundle. This video has generated angry responses from fans who have denounced Clara’s snubbing. To address her snubbing and the controversial incident, Clara Delevingne has responded in a Twitter post stating that she was told to respond no, and that is why she did so, Clara also thanked for seeing both sides to the issue.

Motorsport PR consultant Devin Altieri defended Delevingne, stating and denouncing Brundle, that he often creates drama, and could have not approached Delevingne. Martin Brundle has created controversies and put other celebrities in similar situations. Back in 2021, Martin Brundle had an awkward incident with rapper Megan Thee Stallion when her bodyguard had driven Martin away while he was speaking with Stallion.