Stimulus Check 2023: States Are Still Sending Checks

stimulus check
stimulus check

It appears that the federal government is not planning to issue any more economic stimulus checks to Citizens, after doing so on many occasions throughout the pandemic. Nonetheless, several states intend to issue stimulus funds to citizens in 2023.

Here Are The States That Are Sending Stimulus Checks


Depending on your earnings, filing status, and whether you have dependents, the range is $200 to $1,050. For the requirements, contact the California Franchise Tax Board. California Stimulus Checks, formerly known as “Middle-Class Tax Refunds,” are available to residents who filed their 2020 California state taxes by October 15, 2021, and who resided in California full-time for at least six months in 2020.


75 dollars per family member, or 12% of the tax due minus credits, “other” taxes, and expenditures for the initial year’s refund, whichever is greater. equal to 10% of the 2020 tax obligation before credits, extra taxes, repayments, and gifts, whichever is greater: (1) $600 for couples submitting a joint return, (2) $300 for everyone else, or (3) 10% of the 2019 tax liability.


For state tax returns filed in 2021, single filers will pay $450 and joint filers $900. Residents of Maine who submitted a tax return for 2021 no later than October 31, 2022, and resided in the state full-time will receive a fresh Stimulus Check for 2023. The “Winter Energy Relief Payment” is what it is named.

New Jersey

Depending on the residents’ 2019 income and whether they were homeowners or renters.

Residents of New Jersey who owned houses in 2019 and have a combined income of $150,000 or less will get rebates of $1,500 through the ANCHOR Tax Relief Program in 2023.


The date for submitting an application was December 31, 2022, however, Pennsylvania started paying out benefits to elderly tenants, homeowners, and persons with disabilities in July 2022. For eligible residents who submit their documentation before the cutoff date, payments will continue into 2023 as well.