Migrant Expulsion Denied By The Court

Migrant Expulsion
Migrant Expulsion

Migrant Expulsion issue has been doing the rounds in the recent past. The administration of Joe Biden continued with Trump’s policy towards the migrants. The policy suffered a huge setback on Thursday. A judge stated that the government cannot order the migrant expulsion. Donald Trump had earlier designed the program of expulsion. The law stated any migrants found at the US-Mexico border would be expelled at once. The law was continued by the administration of Biden. Biden was criticized for continuing this law. Officials stated that there was no possibility of any harm from the migrants. In fact, this policy will cause a lot of problems for the homeless amidst pandemic. The judge stated that Title 42 does not allow the government for migrant expulsion. Let us take a detailed look at the incident below. 

Migrant Expulsion Policy Suffers A Jolt

Emmet Sullivan is a renowned judge in the District Court of the US. Emmet concluded that Title 42 did not grant the government the power to expel the migrants at the border. The judge issued a report that was fifty-eight pages long. Thus, a ban was imposed on the expulsion of the migrants at the southern borders. This decision would come into effect within a span of fourteen days. 

This decision has made several organizations very much happy. The American Civil Liberties Union & Human Rights Organizations were the ones who fought vehemently for the cause. They stated that the Title 42 policy was against human rights and was illegal. 

Omar Jadwat is the ACLU director. He felt that the President should not have continued with the Migrant Expulsion. Instead, the rule should have been scrapped a long time ago. He thanked the judge and expressed his joy at the decision of the court.