Blair Underwood and Désirée DeCosta Decide to Part Ways

blair underwood
blair underwood

Actor Blair Underwood and his wife Désirée DeCosta decided to walk in their own ways in their lives respectively after 27 years of marriage. The former couple let the world know of their decision in a joint statement issued by the couple to the media on Monday, May 31. In the released statement on the social media platform, the couple talks about how wonderful of a journey it has been.

 Blair Underwood’s Marriage Was 27 Years Long

They did acknowledge all the work that has gone through in their togetherness in the post shared. The actor and actress duo divulged further on social media that it took a lot of work as an individual and as a couple that kept their relationship and marriage thriving for all these years. The former couple shares three children together- the eldest of them all is Paris Underwood, 24, Brielle Underwood, 22, and the youngest Blake Underwood, 19.

Blair Underwood, 56, and Désirée DeCosta, 52 continued to say that their children will always be their first and foremost priority. The best interest of their children tops the list for the co-parents. Planning to split amicably, both Blair Westwood and comedian-actress Decosta continued to say that they have the greatest respect for each other and will continue to be best of friends. 

Lastly, both the celebrities thanked their fans for the continuous support and love that they have received. The duo gave an interview back in 2008 to Oprah Winfrey. Blair Underwood in the interview did say how his relationship with his wife was impacted because of his childhood. Seeing his father as the sole breadwinner of the family deeply impacted Underwood and he wanted to protect his wife like a rock. The duo got hitched to each other in the year 1994

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