Alan Braid Sued For Defying Texas Abortion Law

alan braid
alan braid

Alan Braid, a doctor in San Antonio, had defied the new Texas abortion law and performed the procedure. Through this act, he had dared any and all supporting the ban to sue him and make an example. By Monday, 2 people answered the call.

Alan Braid Tests The New Controversial Law

Retired attorneys from Illinois and Arkansas filed two separate lawsuits against Alan Braid on Monday. Braid, in an opinion column in the Washington Post in the weekend, was the first abortion provider in Texas to admit to violating the new abortion law. It had gone into effect on 1st September.

The two attorneys were followed by the largest group of anti-abortion supporters in the state. The group claimed that their attorneys were prepared to sue Alan Braid. Neither of the attorneys claimed to be anti-abortion. However, both thought that courts should say something on the matter.

The new Texas abortion law prohibits medical professionals from aborting after the cardiac activity has been detected. This is normally about 6 weeks, and much earlier than some women get to know about their pregnancy. Alan Braid cannot be criminally prosecuted. However, private citizens can claim up to $10k as reparations if their lawsuit is successful.

Oscar Stilley, one of the lawyers, said that he does not support the law. That is why he filed the lawsuit. He wants a court to review the anti-abortion Texas law, which he called an “end-run”. The other lawyer, Felipe N. Gomez, wants the Texas law to be declared unconstitutional. He thinks of the law as a type of overreach by the government. Gomez also claimed that he did not know about the $10k claimable as damage. If the money does come through then he would be donating the sum to a group supporting abortion rights.