January 6 Culprit Has Been Caught And Pressed Many Charges Against Him

january 6 FBI

Nathan Donald Pelham, a Texas man somehow related to the January 6th attack at the Capitol Building in 2021. He has a firearm that has been causing death threats to his family members.

His father sounded horrified after Pelham threatened them to kill himself. He was already facing charges for entering the restricted Capitol Building without proper permission.

Perhaps his motive was to harm all along the way. Currently being charged with the possession of a firearm. Perhaps he owns that illegally.

January 6 Protestor Again Committed A Crime

Nathan Donald Pelham perhaps lost his mind. He was present during the January 6 attack. The DOJ perhaps found some evidence that would prove him guilty. On 12th April Pelham was informed by the FBI he was under arrest. He needed to surrender that day.

On the same day January 6 attacker Nathan Donald Pelham’s father hysterically called the police station. Letting them know how Pelham lost his mind and mind threatened to kill.

He had a firearm. He opened fire at the officers who were on patrol. On the same day, he was charged with a felony with possession of a firearm. Might be dangerous to leave alone.

When the officers arrived they saw Pelham’s daughter and immediately put her in the car for her safety.

The following week after charges were released against him. He decided to turn himself in. When the deputies on duty arrived at the scene they heard a gunshot. One of the bullets fired by the January 6 attacker passed close by one of the officers.

He later described he heard the sound passing by him and then hitting the metal. Lastly, the affidavit shows Pelham was arrested the very next day.