Mike Pence Defies Donald Trump In Kemp Endorsement

Mike Pence
mike pence

Mike Pence is going to headline the event for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, the man Donald Trump has targeted for defeat after the former’s refusal to help Trump overturn the election results of 2020 in the state. The former vice president called Kemp one of the most successful conservative governors in the country. The potential Republican presidential candidate, Pence, stated that he would be appearing at a get-out-the-vote rally for Kemp on the 23rd of May. Goes without saying, the support for Kemp can be seen as a bold rebuke of the former President. 

Mike Pence Will Be Endorsing Brian Kemp

In a statement, Mike Pence stated that Brian Kemp was his friend, and also a man that was dedicated to family, faith, and the people of Georgia. He was proud to offer his full support for close to four more years of Brian Kemp as the governor of the state of Georgia. The announcement of Pence was the political equivalent of a raised middle finger to Trump- who is still the main source of powerful fundraising as well as discord inside his Republican Party. 

Although most of the prominent Republicans have already endorsed most of the candidates that were opposed by Trump, the public appearance of Mike Pence with Kemp does send a strong signal that the former Vice President did reject a central theme of the political argument that Trump believes- that he was robbed of reelection due to voter fraud. After his loss in 2020 to President Joe Biden, Trump has continuously used his endorsements to reward his loyalists in most of the GOP primaries. He has also sought to punish those who defied him while he looked toward legitimate election results. 

On Wednesday, Trump went on to blast those Republicans who were supporting Brian Kemp– and it is pretty understood that Mike Pence was also on the list.