Clarence Thomas Says The Supreme Court Isn’t Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s

Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas

On Friday, Justice Clarence Thomas expressed his dismay at the recent leak of a Supreme Court opinion that could strike down the Roe v. Wade law. He went on to compare it to infidelity- while stating that it had changed the entire culture of the highest court in the nation. He states that the institution he was a part of was noted for its inclusivity- one where not even a single line of opinion could or would be leaked by anyone. This was the inherent belief in the rule of law, a belief in the court, as well as a belief that what they were doing was verboten. 

Clarence Thomas Disappointed At Supreme Court Leak

The comments from Clarence Thomas, the 73-year-old Justice were delivered at an event called the Old Parkland Conference, which was sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute in Dallas- a right-leaning enterprise. The remarks did echo those he had made previously in Atlanta when he stated that most government institutions shouldn’t be bullied into bringing out what they would be seeing as the preferred outcome. 

Clarence Thomas was later interviewed by John Yoo, a former law clerk, as well as a law professor at the UCLA at Berkeley- along with a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. This took place during a dinner event that was hosted at the three-day conference which focused on the challenges which were facing Black Americans. 

Clarence Thomas did rue the era of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. He was appointed in 1991 and did sit on the bench with 1993 appointee Ginsburg for close to 30 years. He stated that they actually had trust in each other. While they were definitely a pretty dysfunctional family, they were still a family and loved each other. They trusted each other, laughed with each other- and at this point, he was simply hoping that the Supreme Court would still uphold the same basics.