iKON Star B. I Faces Court Trial


iKON is a world-famous K-pop music group. It has fans from all over the world. The band has recently been shot to fame for their exceptional works. The band was initially members. However, over time, few of the initial members split up with the group. Kim Han Bin or popularly known as B. I was one such member. He left iKON and established himself as a solo star. Bin performed under the branding of IOK Music & 131 Label. The singer got into a controversy in the year 2019. He was accused of having consumed drugs. This landed him in great trouble. The scandal saw his contract terminated with YG Entertainment. It also affected the professional career of the singer to a great extent.

iKON Performer Charged With Drug Abuse

Bin is scheduled to appear for his preliminary trial on 27th August. The popular singer has allegedly bought and consumed drugs. According to reports, the iKON star purchased Marijuana and LSD in the year 2016. A similar incident took place with another singer named Wonho. He is a member of another K-pop music group Monsta X. Wonho came out victorious in the legal suit. He now enjoys his fair share of success as a solo performer. 

B.I went through several tests. However, all his tests came out negative. Bin was sued for purchasing drugs that were illegal by the Central District of Seoul. He was scheduled for his trial on the 9th of July. However, due to the deteriorating covid situation, the hearing was postponed. 

The ex-iKON performer seemed to attempt a last-ditch effort to avoid serious punishments. He has reportedly produced a letter of apology to the court. It is said that an apology usually helps to sympathize with the victim. The letter was produced on 25th August. It now remains to be seen if the letter can play a role in minimizing the verdict. 

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