Mike Richards On-Demand To Host Jeopardy

Mike Richards
Mike Richards

The fans of Jeopardy, the television game show of the United States of America, discovered their new favourite host. It is non-other than Mike Richards, the executive producer of the show. He took up the responsibility of hosting the show after the shift of Ken Jennings. Jennings hosted Jeopardy for a total of six weeks.

With his good looks accompanied by a very charming personality, Mike Richards won many hearts. Numerous people who have turned to become his fans are demanding him to stay as the official host of the show. Many fans took to the social media platform, Twitter, to voice their demand concerning the Jeopardy executive producer.

Mike Richards On His Journey

According to sources, Mike Richards had no proper plan of carrying out his duty. It was only a few days before that he found out that he had to fill in. However, he managed to sway the audience with his ease. Something that he was born with.

He gave a statement following the craze that he created. He stated that he came to know about the fill-up just three days prior to the filming. He added that he had no time to get himself prepared like the other hosts. Mike Richards also pointed out the fact that he had only one suit with him. He further went on to say that he found the journey to be full of fun. It was humbling but it was more fun. He was also overwhelmed during the time he started walking out.

The ones who have been the hosts of Jeopardy include Anderson Cooper and Savannah Guthrie, both journalists, Sanjay Gupta and Drs. Mehmet Oz.

The ones who are lined up for the upcoming seasons are Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback from the tea, the Green Bay Packers, also fiancé to Shailene Woodley, Mayim Bialik, the actress, and Bill Whitaker, the American journalist.

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