Mike Zimmer Takes Job At Jackson State

Mike Zimmer

Mike Zimmer, who most recently served as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, has accepted a position at a university that is in the early stages of its development.

HBCUGameday.com was the first news source to break the story that Zimmer would be joining Deion Sanders’ staff at Jackson State. Sanders is the head coach at Jackson State. Sanders was the one who introduced Zimmer to the team the previous day, on Tuesday.

According to Zimmer, he was confronted with this inquiry several different times. “There is not a lot of money to be made. Despite this, I place a significant amount of importance on Deion, and for his sake, I would be willing to give up anything.

Mike Zimmer Talks About Deion Sanders

While Deion Sanders was a member of the Dallas Cowboys, Mike Zimmer served as the team’s defensive backs coach beginning in 1995. Sanders was a member of the Cowboys for the entirety of his playing career.

According to comments attributed to Mike Zimmer, the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, “He can open up so many options for these young men, but I am very impressed by the way he is instructing them about professional life and not just football.” “And taking care of them, and talking with them about the real things that happen on in the world, and not the fluff stuff,” she said. “And taking care of them.”

There is no denying the fact that Zimmer is not the type of person to engage in meaningless chatter. He coaches in an old-fashioned way, in the tradition of Bill Parcells, and he is reserved in his appreciation of his players while being quite critical of their play. It would be interesting to see if Sanders is successful in persuading Zimmer to take a different approach, or if the two of them will use a good cop/bad cop dynamic in circumstances in which players need some tough love. Either way, it would be an exciting thing to watch.