Female’s 400m Hurdles Race Dominated By The U.S.

Sydney McLaughlin
400m hurdles race

In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, one event has stood out head and shoulders above the rest: the 400m hurdles race. In the men’s race, 6 of the 7 finalists broke some kind of record. The women’s race had much of the same drama and historic significance.

Another World Record 400m Hurdles Race

Sydney McLaughlin, the runner from the U.S., was trailing as the 400m hurdles race had gone into the last stretch. But she proceeded to finish in the first place, take the gold medal, and post a new world record. The previous world record also belonged to her.

The 400m hurdles race saw the holder of the world record, McLaughlin, and the previous Olympics’ gold medallist pitted against each other. Both of them are from the U.S. 21-year-old McLaughlin had posted a new WR at the Olympic Trials for the U.S. in June. Never before had there been a 400m hurdles race time below 52 seconds. In the Olympics final, her time was 51.46.

Dalilah Muhammad, 31, was the former gold medallist at Rio 2016 Olympic Games. In Tokyo, she got second place with a time of 51.58 seconds. It was also her new personal best.

McLaughlin admitted that having a competitor like Muhammad continuously pushed the two to be better. However, she did not consider the two rivals since she claims the two only have respect for each other.

Muhammad stated that her 400m hurdles race silver medal was put into perspective by her long experience. However, it still feels a little disappointing since she broke the old WR as well, but still only managing silver. But she insisted that she was very proud of the achievement. The two immediately embraced each other as the race ended.

Femke Bol, from the Netherlands, finished third and claimed the bronze medal

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