Top Military Leaders Calls On Tommy Tuberville To Stop Putting National Defense In Jeopardy

Tommy Tuberville

The worsening feud between Senator Tommy Tuberville and the ruling Democrats over the blockade by the Alabama Republicans blocking the appointment of around 300 senior nominees in the US military could escalate to a dangerous situation. It could lead to a dangerous delay in the confirmation of the highest military post in the nation.

General C.Q. Brown was the nominee to succeed the outgoing of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman. But he has to be confirmed before the retiring chairman Gen. Mark Milley hangs up his boots. General Milley’s term expires at the end of September.

But both sides of the political divide appear to be deadlocked and no solution is on the horizon. There could be a larger battle playing out on the sidelines. The Democrats appear to be heading towards holding up General Brown’s nomination to pressure Tommy Tuberville to yield over his abortion policy.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville Insists Pentagon Abortion Policy Illegal

Tommy Tuberville insists that the Pentagon has put in place an illegal abortion policy and has insisted that he will not back down unless the government does away with it.  He called upon Chuck Schumer, the Majority Leader in the US Senate, to schedule voting over the nomination of Brown and not use it as leverage against him over his stance. Tommy Tuberville said that this action by the Democrats proved that they were ready to place politics over the readiness of the US military.

But Senator Schumer has retorted quickly and has categorically ruled out the possibility of putting individual Pentagon recommendations in Congress. He argued that they had already been confirmed by the Senate through a voice vote. The Democrats insisted that the process of scheduling single votes on such a non-controversial nomination could be a bad precedent and would waste precious time of the US Congress. In such a case, the Senate would have to resort to the procedural votes which are time-consuming if they were to overcome a hold on each other.