Mitch McConnell’s Office Insists He Would Continue With His Work

mitch mcconnell
mitch mcconnell

Mitch McConnell, the GOP leader in the US Senate, has been given a medical clearance to continue with his work schedule. A statement released by his office said there was he had been declared fit to go ahead with his busy schedule.

The statement comes a day after Mitch McConnell completely froze up while answering questions in Kentucky, the 81-year-old’s home state. He stared blankly for over half a minute before he was escorted off-stage by his aides. Mitch McConnell had a similar medical incident a month ago when he froze at a meeting at the Capitol.

He finally answered a few questions, but then he spoke haltingly and appeared to be incoherent. Aides insisted that he felt light-headed during the interview but eventually, he was found medically fit. Earlier in the year, Mitch McConnell was sidelined after he suffered a concussion and had to be admitted for a rib fracture. The Senator suffered the injury after tripping. He was fit a month later and rejoined the Senate in April.

It Is Vital That Mitch McConnell Is Fit To Attend Congress After Summer Recess

Lawmakers will be back in Washington next week after the summer recess and will be hard-pressed as several important legislative issues come up. There is the matter of moving the freeze on government funds past September as the present fiscal ends. Mitch McConnell has in recent years been strongly connected in negotiations with the Democrats, and pushing through expense bills. Without action by Congress, the federal administration could face a partial shutdown beginning in October.

A physician attached to Congress stated that Mitch McConnell’s condition has been evaluated independently and also by the Senator’s neurology team. The attending physician, Brian Monahan stated that Mitch McConnell is fit to go ahead with his planned schedule. He said that it is not rare to experience lightheadedness for people recovering from concussions. It could also be caused by dehydration.