Miranda Cosgrove SHUTS DOWN Racism Toward ‘iCarly’ Cast Member Laci Mosley!

Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove

The full iCarly reboot cast was revealed on Friday, and the cast is now denouncing the many racist attacks against new cast member Laci Mosley.


Following announcement of the show’s June 17th premiere date, some persons took to social press to attack Laci, saying she was exchanging Jennette McCurdy who enjoyed Sam on the initial show. Laci got to her Instagram Testimonies to state that she isn’t replacing Jennette, but is playing a fresh personality, Harper. “Jennette McCurdy is an extremely wonderful person. I’ve hardly ever met her, but it’s no color,” she said, ending her video by showing the trolls to “acquire the f*ck out of my remarks with this f*cking racist ass bullsh*t.”

Laci later continued Twitter to describe why she cursed in her video tutorial. “I shouldn’t have been cursing in this response but I was really caught off guard by the onslaught of racist trolls,” she wrote. “I deleted a whole lot of comments nonetheless they keep approaching on every platform. Being truly a Black girl is exhausting. Most of us deserve better.”

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She later wrote   “Me and my sister are 13 years apart she’s like my child and her having to see this sh*t broke me,” .

Laci then made one final statement on Instagram. “I love being Black,” she wrote. “I hate how Black people are treated on this planet.” She explained that the racism she faced in the prior 72 hours was “the most racism I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

“I felt silly being so upset because I’ve been in this little brown body my entire life and racism isn’t new but it still hurts. I’m not ‘replacing Sam’ I’ve never met her but I know she’s extremely talented and I hope she does not condone some of y’all’s behavior. Racism kills.” she said