Matt Gaetz’s Former Aide Clears Doubts

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz

Nathan Nelson, a former aide of the Republican Representative, Matt Gaetz, gave a statement concerning the issue of the Representative. The aide revealed the fact that he was contacted by some agents of the FBI. It was regarding the issue that Matt Gaetz is currently going through. It is no new thing for the Republican Representative to be involved in controversies. However, the kind of a problem he is in right now is big, unlike the others. He is accused of sex trafficking that involves a minor girl.

Matt Gaetz’s Case Drags Former Aide

Owing to the situation that Matt Gaetz is currently caught up with, Nathan Nelson revealed that he was contacted by two agents of the FBI. The statement came in this Monday. Nelson is the former military affairs director of the Representative. It was revealed that he got questioned by the agents at his own home. This incident took place following the spread of the news that even he was involved in the illegal affairs of his former boss. Nelson was told that the agents got this information from some media people. The media people also informed that the reason why Nelson left his office was that he came to know about the affairs of his boss. All of this was stated by Nelson himself.

There was a press conference that was attended by the ex-aide. It was held in the state of Florida. Nelson gave some insights into his side of the story at the conference. It was claimed that all of whatever had been told to him was untrue. He claimed the fact that none of the staff of Representative Matt Gaetz knew anything about the affairs of his boss. All of them were totally oblivion.