Pence rips House Judiciary Dems over Barr hearing: They ‘wanted to be heard more than they wanted to listen’

On Tuesday, VP Mike Pence criticized the Democratic Party for the way they commented and questioned William Barr during the House Judiciary Committee session. 

In an interview with Martha MacCallum, the Veep commented that the Democrats did not seem like they wanted to listen. 

He said, “it was clear that the Democrats wanted to hear themselves talk more than they wanted to hear from the attorney general of the United States.”

During the hearing, Attorney General Barr was criticized by Nadler for dispatching federal agents to deal with the Black Lives Matter protests. Nadler also accused Trump of using federal power for his political campaigns. 

Mike Pence further said that according to the Department of Homeland Security, at least 188 cases of injured federal agents have been reported since 1st June. He added that the protesting bodies have been using rocks, kerosene, lasers, and even explosives with the intention to harm the federal agents. 

The Veep also said that the Trump Administration won’t defund the police because they want proper law and order in the country. He further called the Democrats radicals. 

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