Warriors Win Over Miami Heat On Wednesday’s Match

Gary Patton II
Gary Patton II

Stephen Curry, the NBA player from the Golden State Warriors, got his team to win a match that was held on Wednesday. The team they won over was Miami Heat. The total score of the match was 120-121.

A three-pointer had been attempted by Curry. This took place within the last one minute of the overtime. The Warrior player went on to give a pass to his teammate, Andrew Wiggins. This took place just before making the delivery of “a final dragger”.

Warriors’ Curry Saved The Day

Kent Bazemore of the Warriors got himself to tip in the miss of fellow teammate Andrew Wiggins. This happened when the time left for one of the baskets of the payer was a little more than a minute. The player finished with a total of 26 points which is a season-high. This is also his second performance of 20 points in the season.

The total number of points scored by Stephen Curry was 25. He played a 42-minute-high season. The Warriors player made his way to a stroke exactly “when it mattered the most”. This took place after the player overcame a night of “off-shooting”. Stephen Curry made the addition of seven rebounds along with 11 assists.

Kent Bazemore gave a statement concerning Curry. He said that he is someone who can make one believe in himself because of the confidence he instills in a person. The Golden State Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr, also spoke on the game and the player. He spoke a few words praising Bazemore. He said that Bazemore led over the game within the last few minutes. The head coach also went on to praise Curry saying that he has the ability to save the team irrespective of what he is going through.