Stimulus Check Update: Find Out The US States Paying It In July 2023 And The Amount

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The United States of America’s central government had stopped giving out any additional stimulus checks to the citizens. On the other hand, the people have been struggling to keep up with the gas, food, and medical expenses that have been on the rise owing to the worst inflation they have ever experienced. In addition, Americans have faced the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic which made it difficult to purchase basic items. 

Fortunately, there have been several US states that came forward to help the residents with their financial crisis. Many states are offering stimulus checks to eligible Americans. 

US States Offering Stimulus Checks 

This historic inflation in 2022 has crippled the US economic infrastructure. Many states all over the US have been providing stimulus checks in the form of tax refunds that have helped the ones severely affected by inflation and the pandemic. 

Despite the receding inflation, states have decided on assisting the residents. As a result, we have a list of states that are offering stimulus checks to their residents during the month of July and the amount that the recipients are going to receive. 


Property or rental tax rebate or heating credit is implemented for individuals earning under $16,925 and couples earning under $22,858. Eligible residents should be 65 years or older. The amount of refund is almost $1,044 annually. 


14% of state tax liability will be given as a refund who filed their return for 2021 by 15th September 2023. 

New Mexico 

Individuals will get $500 while couples to receive $1,000 if they filed their return for 2021. 


Property/Rental Tax Refund to Pennsylvanians over 65 years, widowed people over age 50, and disabled people over 18 years. Maximum rebate of $650 which can be $975 for homeowners is given.