Addison Rae Might Be Leaving TikTok

addison rae
addison rae

One of the most popular creators of TikTok, Addison Rae, recently uploaded a screenshot on Twitter, where it seemed that her account had been banned. Apparently, the uber-famous TikTok personality had violated the community guidelines of the platform multiple times. In the caption accompanying her tweet, Rae wrote that it was finally time for her to get a real job. But the twist came about 12 hours later when it appeared that her TikTok account was live. Media houses have been unable to verify if her account had actually been banned by the social media platform.

Addison Rae’s TikTok Banned?

Addison Rae, who turned 21 recently, began her TikTok career with dance videos in 2019, after which she quickly rose to fame. Currently, she has around 85 million followers on TikTok, along with 40 million followers on her Instagram. Rae, for quite some time, had the second most followed person on the app after Charli D’Amelio, but she has now been dethroned by up-and-coming comedian Khaby Lame. She recently made an appearance at the Met Gala, along with a movie on Netflix called ‘He’s All That’- after which she announced that she had gone ahead and signed a deal with the platform over multiple movies. 

While there have been quite a few journalists and fans who have gone about speculating as to why the ban was put in motion, some have stated that this was due to her latest post on TikTok, but it is still unclear as to any guidelines being violated. Addison Rae, on her part, has declined from making any further comment on her account ever since her tweet. 

Addison Rae’s latest TikTok is all about a sponsored video with Nintendo, which has been viewed at least 3.7 million times, ever since it was posted the day before. TikTok has always maintained that it can readily ban accounts for severe and repeated violations of its Community guidelines.