Tim Ballard Faces Multiple Sexual Assault Charges

Tim Ballard

Tim Ballard, founder of the Operation Underground Railroad, stands accused of misconduct by 7 former employees of the anti-trafficking organization. These accusations are linked to undercover missions overseas against child trafficking networks.

Tim Ballard stands accused of forcing the female employees to pose as his wife on these operations. He would allegedly coerce them into compromising situations like showering together or sleeping together. He claimed that such acts were necessary to throw off traffickers. The inspiration behind Sound of Freedom allegedly also sent explicit pictures of himself. He has also been accused of asking employees the extent to which they were willing to risk themselves to rescue victims of child trafficking.

Tim Ballard Has Denied Misconduct: Said Closeness Necessary to Fool Traffickers

Tim Ballard has denied all allegations following the publication of the report. In a statement, he said that the ‘assault’ on his integrity and character was false. He said that it was in line with past attempts to sully his character. He said that the sexual allegations were tabloid material and totally false. 

Tim Ballard released a statement through the anti-child sex trafficking organization The Spear Fund. He said that the allegations were intended to destroy the movement he had helped build to fight against the exploitation and trafficking of helpless childrenTim Ballard categorically stated that he had devised strict procedures governing all employees and members, including himself. He said he sent an example for his organization, and all allegations of a sexual nature were categorically false.

The overseas missions of the organization were portrayed as military-style operations to rescue children and arrest traffickers. But the lawsuit against Ballard alleges that such operations mostly involved visiting massage parlors and strip clubs around the world. It also involved staying at luxury hotels, boats, and resorts, and traveling first class. OUR and Tim Ballard did not respond to emails or phone calls for clarification on the issue.