Do the Bookies Predict Big Things for the New York Teams?


New York has three of the biggest teams in the NFL – the New York Giants, New York Jets, and the Buffalo Bills. Aside from sharing some of the same name, these teams have had varied histories throughout the NFL. Each team reaching the top end of the standings in their respective divisions in the last season, combined with some selective team drafts for the 2020-2021 season, shows us that they’ve all got big things planned. And it seems like the bookies think so too. 

The Giants Seeking Triumph 

Let’s just get it out there. 2019 wasn’t the best season for the Giants. Sure, they came third in the NFC East, but who wants third? On top of that, they didn’t improve on their campaign the previous year; they equaled the nine-game losing streak of the 1976 team, not exactly something to boast about. And they ended the season with Head Coach Pat Shurmur fired after the final game and Eli Manning announcing his retirement. The beginning of the end, it seems. 

Or is it? Daniel Jones has taken the role of star quarterback following Manning’s departure, and after glimpses of promise last season, there’s potential. Saquon Barkley is going to focus on leading the offense, and new linebackers and defensive players were signed during the draft to address the issues they have at the back. That’s seen various bookies putting them on odds of 11/4 to win the Super Bowl with odds of 9/1 on taking the league crown. If the Giants can focus their aggression, utilize their young talent, and really make their defense as robust as it was, then who knows, they could be in with a chance.  

Jetting to Success 

Perhaps 2019 wasn’t just the year for New York teams as the New York Jets didn’t exude success either. They started under the new head coach’s guidance, Adam Gase, who wore their new logo and uniform and improved on their 4-12 record from the previous season (to 7-9). But they still managed to miss the playoffs for the ninth year in a row. Even their general manager was fired mid-way through, and the fanfare for Gase can barely be heard. The decision to keep him on for the current season hasn’t sat well, and bookies rate the team at 350/1 to succeed in Super Bowl this season. Not great. 

As a coach who’s supposed to be a master when it comes to offense, it seems like perhaps he should be the student. The bookies are often an excellent go-to source for predicting success when it comes to any of the NYC sporting giants, though with a lack of online sports betting available, it’s always worth seeking a worthy read on the latest New York gambling situation, which can give you more insight. Such as how the low odds for the Jets may well ring true to their potential this season.  

The Jets needed to bring in many new players during the offseason, with a focus on their offensive line. But with a high turnover in offense and wide receivers and free agents, is there enough time for a new squad to gel? With the uninspiring reputation of Gase, just imagine how surprised (and rewarded you’d be) placing a bet on them. 

Betting on the Buffalo Bills 

Last season was good for the Buffalo Bills (perhaps not having New York in their squad name keeps them lucky?) as they set some impressive club achievements. They improved on their 6-10 record from the season before, and for the first time in over 20 years, they won at least nine of their first 13 games. So it was a good setup for the season, even if they did lose against the Tennessee Titans in the playoffs.  

Fast forward to now, and it’s a mixed bag for the Buffalo Bills. Losing two games straight will not be good for the squad’s confidence; neither is the fact that the odds of them reaching the Super Bowl plummeted to 27/1. The schedule planned for the AFC East division this year isn’t going to do them any favors either. Back to back games against the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins could prove a struggle, but hopefully, they’ll learn and evolve from each game. With new players drafted in, the Buffalo Bills are hoping for the latter. Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs will fill the gap of a true top wideout, and veterans John Brown and Cole Beasley bring speed to the game. The defense is still strong from last year, but the Buffalo Bills need to address consistent quarterback play for them to really make an impact this season. 

It’s going to be an exciting NFL this year, especially with the New York teams. Let’s see if the bookies’ predictions ring true. 

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