MLB Draft 2021: All Picks For The First Round

mlb draft 2021
mlb draft 2021

In Denver, it is the day for MLB Draft 2021 in Belico Theater. The Pittsburgh Pirates were the first ones to pick on the night. They selected Henry Davis, the Louisville catcher, with the overall No. 1 selection.

Analysis Of The MLB Draft 2021

The Rangers, Tigers, Red Sox, and Orioles went up next to complete the starting 36 selections for the MLB Draft 2021. The 2nd to 10th round will happen on Monday. The remaining will happen on Tuesday.

The MLB Draft 2021 did not have a clear overall No. 1 prospect. However, it was still a bit of a surprise as the Pirates selected Davis instead of the 4 prep shortstops. But his numbers back him up in being the potentially earliest prospect to reach the majors in his class.

Jack Leiter, of Vanderbilt, was picked next by the Rangers. College baseball headlines were plastered with the names of Leiter and Kumar Rocker, his teammate. He has the potential of being a real ace. Jackson Jobe was selected next by the Tigers. He has even more potential than Leiter, but the risk is more as well.

Marcelo Mayer was the next selection, by the Red Sox. The hitting shortstop was predicted to be the true overall No. 1 in the MLB Draft 2021. His speed might be a limiting factor, but he makes up for it with his hands, footwork, and arm strength.

The next selection was Colton Cowser by the Orioles. Cowser is expected to be a Ty Madden first-rounder. He is among the best bats from college available in MLB Draft 2021, but it is possibly a preparation to free up money for Lance McCullers Jr.

Then Jordan Lawler went to the Diamondbacks. He is considered to be the best prep player in the class since the 2020 summer. Kumar Rocker (Mets), Sam Bachman (Angels), and Benny Montgomery (Rockies) round off the first 10 selections.

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