Jon Jones Focuses On Heavyweight Title

Jon Jones
Jon Jones

Jon Jones has shifted his focus to the heavyweight division of UFC. His original name is Jonathon Dwight Jones. Jones is a well-known mixed martial art champion. He is a fierce competitor and is considered unique for his playing style. Jones is termed as one of the best MMA athletes in recent times. He is currently under a contract with the UFC and boasts of many accomplishments. Jones used to compete in the light heavyweight division of the show. However, he has decided to fix his target on the heavyweight championship this time. He looks to train constantly to make himself fit to compete in the heavyweight division. Let us learn more about the training regime of Jon Jones below.

Jon Jones Aims To Be Consistent With His Training

The champion athlete has decided to take things to the next level. Jones stated that he wanted to have a shot at the heavyweight title. According to reports, Jones has been following a strict training regime. The training is aimed at enhancing his speed and flexibility. It has been quite a while since Jones has followed an intense session of training. The MMA athlete now weighs about 255 pounds. He looks to work hard and take himself to 270pounds. 

Jon Jones commented that he wanted to be the best out there. He needed to make sure that his strength, technique & abilities should be the best. Jones gave special emphasis on his proper physical conditioning. He is scheduled to start his professional training approximately after ten weeks. Before that, Jon Jones wants to lower the percentage of his body fat as low as he could. He seemed very much excited to show his fans the result. Jones stated that people would be amazed at him after he has completed his full transformation.