Corey Kluber Silences Rangers With 6th No-Hitter This Season

Corey Kluber
Corey Kluber

Corey Kluber has now thrown the biggest 6th no-hitter in the league this season. In addition, Corey Kluber managed to do this for the 2nd time in 2 nights. Such a spectacular performance by him has led the New York Yankees to win against Texas rangers by 2-0 on 19th May, Wednesday night match.

Corey Kluber is 35 years of age and a right-hander who is usually called Klubot mainly owing to the reason that he has a robotic demeanor.

Yankees Led To Win By Corey Kluber

Corey Kluber came inside the 4 pitch walk to Charlie Culberson during the 3rd inning after throwing the perfect game.

It is widely known that Kluber is a 2-time winner of the American League Young Award. He was seen to pitch his best performance on the night following Spencer Turnbull, right-hander of Detroit Tigers, threw 1 against Seattle Mainers.

Kluber was later heard saying that he had great fun and considers it to be a very special night. He further added that he has never experienced anything like it before and finds it unimaginable to have created this record.

Although Kluber seemed calm and composed from outside but took a breath following a warm-up before the 1st pitch in the 9th inning in order to calm his nerves. He struck out 9 and had thrown 71 out of 101 pitches to strike in the 9th start for his team. His fastest pitch was 92.5 mph while he combined 31 curveballs, 23 sinkers, 27 cutters, 2 four-seam fastballs, and 18 changeups. Aaron Boone, Yankees manager, informed that he had butterflies during the 9th inning and later felt emotional to witness such a special moment. He lauded Corey’s performance.

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