Mo Brooks Will Find It Difficult To Win Alabama Runoff

Mo Brooks

Mo Brooks is one of the biggest names in the American political circuit. He has been a regular supporter of Donald Trump previously and gained a lot of fame under the guidance of Trump. However, the Presidential Election proved to be a turning point for the politician as he offended Trump significantly. After the results were declared, Brooks commented that Donald Trump must learn to let go of things. He also stated that Trump must accept the defeat and move on in life. Such comments were not taken lightly by the former President and he abandoned his support from Brooks.

The politician tried a lot of ways to win back the faith from Trump. Unfortunately, he could not succeed. Brooks finished second in the primary that was conducted the previous month. Interestingly, Donald Trump has decided to enter the Alabama runoff with a preferred candidate of his own. Trump is currently supporting Katie Britt for the Alabama elections. Mo Brooks is now running against Trump which could be a major drawback for the politician. His constant criticism of Donald Trump has made it worse. Mo Brooks currently faces a huge battle to gain momentum and win the elections. As of now, it seems Katie will be the clear winner. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Mo Brooks Face A Staunch Opposition In Katie Britt

Mo Brooks will require more than magic to win the upcoming Alabama elections. He will square off against Katie Britt, who is referred to as a fierce woman. Katie also has the endorsement of Donald Trump which will be a huge plus point for the lady. 

Mo Brooks has constantly switched from praising Donald Trump to criticizing Donald Trump. Such a whimsical approach has made Brooks lose the support of his own allies.