Morgan Wallen Gives Update On Health Before Scheduled Stage Return

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen came back to live performances on the evening of Thursday after taking a prolonged break to rest his vocals on the orders of the doctor. Soon afterward, he went on social media to give his fans an update on his health.

Morgan Wallen Is Doing Fine

Morgan Wallen, the country musician, added a story to his account on Instagram, from Florida before he went up to perform in Florida. His intention was to give his fans the latest news as well as issue an apology for postponing his show at the last minute in April.

In a quick clip filmed at the venue, 29-year-old Morgan Wallen started the video by greeting everyone and informing them about being in Jacksonville where they were about to play a show later in the night, as well as over the weekend. He could not admit to being completely recovered, but he has been doing considerably better.

He continued by addressing his Oxford viewers and repeating his apology for the manner in which the postponement happened. Morgan admitted to thinking he was fine but it just was not the case. As such, Morgan Wallen and his team revealed that a new date was being worked on and that they are close to deciding it. He promised to let the viewers know as soon as the date is decided.

He concluded by expressing his appreciation for his viewers and said that he was eagerly awaiting the moment he could perform on stage. He also gave his love and thanks to the fans for their support, and hoped to see them soon. Late in the evening on May 5th, there was a video posted by the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena that featured Wallen performing “You Proof”, his greatest hit song.