Post Malone Exchanges Shoes With Fan With An Warning About His Odor

post malone

Post Malone’s fans are getting a bit of love from their favorite singer. On May 4th, a video shared on Twitter showed just how it was done. In it, the singer of Beerbongs & Bentleys gifted a fan a very special night after exchanging footwear with them.

Post Malone’s Interesting Fan Interaction

The clip only lasted for one minute. In it, 27-year-old Post Malone was filmed by a concertgoer talking with a fan. The fan had apparently customized one pair of shoes just for his favorite singer. In the clip, Malone can be heard complimenting how “sick” they are and that he had spotted them from the stage while performing.

The fan said that those shoes were a gift to the singer. To this, Post Malone replied that he wanted to be certain that he could approach the fan and receive them. The singer called the fan a legend and complimented his gift. He also expressed his gratitude for the gift. However, the fan had one more idea: she insisted that it was not just a gift, but an exchange. She would give Malone the customized shoes if the singer gave the fan the shoes he was wearing.

Post Malone, however, was unfazed and started taking off his shoes while asking if it was a trade because he had assumed it was just a gift. However, he only prefaced the exchange by saying that his shoes were probably stinking. The singer of “Chemicals” then autographed his shoes before handing them over to his fan. The fan also received an embrace and a goodbye from her favorite singer. Post Malone has a reputation for throwing the spotlight on his fans during his shows. Earlier in November, the singer of “Sugar Wraith” drew a tattoo on a fan’s sign.