Morgan Wallen Is Yet To Pay Black-Led Groups The Promised $500K

morgan wallen
morgan wallen

In July, Morgan Wallen had pledged to amend his ways after being criticized for saying a racially discriminating slur on video. The promise was made in an interview immediately following the incident on Good Morning America. But 3 months later, and there is still no trace of the promise being fulfilled.

An Empty Promise By Morgan Wallen?

While talking to Michael Strahan, the host, he had said that his album had been selling well even before the incident. But following the incident, a noticeable sale spike had happened. So, Morgan Wallen along with his team had calculated the increase due to the incident. The number they arrived at was about $500k. Moreover, they decided that the money should be donated, the first organization being BMAC (the Black Music Action Coalition).

Now almost 8 weeks have passed. Whether Morgan Wallen had made the promised donations remains unclear so far. Rolling Stones recently published a statement from BMAC on the matter. The organization heavily criticized Morgan. They said that they were disappointed with Wallen for not supporting any endeavor against racism with his platform. However, they did receive some donations from Morgan Wallen. But, at the same time, they claimed that $500k was exceptionally misleading.

Rolling Stone had then contacted 56 national, regional, and state charities led or founded by the Black. None said that they had received any donations from Morgan Wallen.

On 2nd February, the superstar country singer was heard saying the racial slur on the tape. Following that, his contract was suspended by Big Loud Records, his label. In May, the suspension was lifted. Nevertheless, streaming services, radio conglomerates, and CMT all removed any mention of the singer. He has even been disqualified by the Country Music Academy and Association of Country Music for any awards.

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