Morgan Wallen Accused Of Being Racist; Admits Mistake

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen was accused of being racist. He was allegedly said to use a racial slur. However, he admitted his mistake quickly. When asked about the incident, he stated that it was wrongdoing on his part. He clarified that he did not intend to be racist at all. He was just fooling around with his friend and said the words in a light manner. This controversy was threatening for Wallen’s career.

Morgan Wallen Speaks Out, Says Racial Abuse Was Unintended

Controversies surrounded Morgan Wallen when he was accused of using racial slang. However, he was quick to react to the issue. This prevented the matters from taking any ugly turns. 

In an interview with ” Good Morning America“, he discussed the incident. He expressed his grief for his actions. Wallen stated that he did not mean to use the slang purposefully. He was with a bunch of his friends. All of them were enjoying and fooling around and that is when Morgan used the racial abuses. 

Wallen said that all of it was done in a very friendly manner. He admitted his mistake and asked for forgiveness. Morgan said that he knew that was a very foolish thing to do. He was well aware of the situation and he acted dumb. Morgan could not hide his embarrassment as the video went viral.  

Morgan Wallen was filmed by his neighbors. He was spotted to be abusing using racial words along with a couple of his friends. This went viral and immediately got the rising star in trouble. He expressed his desire to take back his words. He also termed his actions as stupid. Wallen apologized and made the promise of not repeating such deeds. Despite repeated clarifications, Morgan continued to be criticized. He has his contract suspended, his projects were taken down by the radio. 

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