Birth Of Princess Beatrice’s Daughter Reshuffles Royal Succession Line

princess beatrice
princess beatrice

The birth of the 4th baby in the British royal family in 2021 has prompted a reshuffle in the succession line to the throne. Princess Beatrice has announced the birth of a baby. And that points to another change in the British royal succession line.

For Princess Beatrice, this was her first, a girl, with Edoardo M. Mozzi. The birth of the child this Saturday will mean that the princess and other royals behind Beatrice have been pulled down one mark in the palace pecking order.

Princess Beatrice’s daughter now stands in line at the 11th position to the throne. In comes a mere 4 and a ½ months after another adjustment in the order when Meghan Markle had a daughter, Lilibet, with her husband, Prince Harry.

The real name of the baby is yet to be revealed. Baby Mozzi is behind her mother and Prince Andrew, her grandfather at numbers 10 and 9 respectively.

Princess Beatrice’s Husband Not In Line

Prince Charles is at No. 1. Prince William and George, Charlotte, and Louis, his children, come in at number 2 to 5. Prince Harry with his 2 children comes in at No. 6, 7, and 8.

Mozzi will never be in line to the throne as he is married to Beatrice. Neither will Sarah Ferguson, Beatrice’s mother, and Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle, married to Prince William and Prince Harry.

But Mozzi belongs to a family of Italian aristocratic descent, so their daughter is in line to inherit titles. His daughter will be a noble donna, while a son if they have one, will come into the title of count.

The line of British succession goes back several centuries during William III’s reign in the 17th century.

An amendment was made in 2013 that ended the practice of primogeniture. This archaic system placed male successors automatically above females in the succession line.

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