Mr Olympia Returns To Orlando, The Most Massive Fitness Event In The World

Mr Olympia

The Mr Olympia Fitness and Performance weekend has returned to Orlando

This event is considered to be the Super Bowl of fitness events and draws thousands of fans to the Orange County Conference Center. This will be the same location for the event for the second time in a row.

Thousands Intend To Attend Mr Olympia

Thousands from all over the world filled into the Mr. Olympia expo and competition Friday afternoon. The event was made famous by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger drawing massive crowds to catch a glimpse of their fitness heroes.

The town is expected to see half a million people visit in the coming 3 days and the town will surely benefit from it.

The event long-held in Las Vegas has found its way to Orlando for the second straight year. People lined up for vendors, supplements, and shows of strength.

Karen Rojas flew from Chile to attend Mr Olympia and stated that everyone from all the countries who like fitness and bodybuilding will be there in the event.

Some people have trained themselves over years to be on the stage and to see who will be crowned as the next Mr Olympia.

Anthony Pitanella comes from Curacao and stated that he had worked too hard for the event. He came third in the event but makes a promise that he will come back again next year.

The exposition runs all weekend but the main attraction, the crowning of the next Mr. Olympia will come Saturday night.