Antonio Brown Throws Brady And The Bus Under The Bus

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is not on good terms with Tom Brady or his old team.

It has been almost 2 months since Antonio Brown was released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the receiver still seems to be as mad as ever for being dumped.

Brown lodged another complaint against his ex-team and took it to social media. Not only did he throw the organization under the bus but also pinned some of the blame on Tom Brady for not throwing him the ball in Tampa Bay’s infamous game against the Jets that is now mostly remembered as the game where Brown took his shirt off while leaving the field. 

This Is What Antonio Brown Posted On Instagram

He blamed the Bucs for his injury and said: “They tried to hurt me intentionally. Sent me out there after knowing I was still hurt.”

He also added that Brady has lied to him: “Tom said he would throw it if I came to play hurt, I came. He didn’t throw it, imagine being hurt, having to play through this, and being lied (to) too.”

He continued that Bruce Arians had made him play even though he was hurt: “Coach said if I couldn’t run on this, get the f–k out of there.”

His last social media post was much more of a concise version of what he was complaining about since he was released.

The battle between Brown and the Buccaneers has been a never-ending war of words since he was cut. Although Brown has insisted that Arians made him play with an injured ankle, the Buccaneers coach has denied that version of events. 

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