Murray State Basketball Defeated By Saint Peter’s in March Madness

Murray State Basketball
Murray State Basketball

The NCAA Tournament highlighted the story of Cinderalla when some magic was sprinkled this Saturday on the Big Dance. Saint Peter’s, No. 15 seed defeated Murray State Basketball, No.7 seed with a score of 70-60 and it took them straight to the Sweet 16. The Peacock played well and won the match which made them third No.15 seed to reach the Sweet 16 in the history of the tournament. 

Saint Peter’s Win With Murray State Basketball Led Them To Sweet 16

The majority part of the game was marked by defensive techniques, low scores, and ugly game tactics. However, KC Ndefo, the star of defense and winner of Defensive Player of the year three times played well and scored 17 points, and made the Peacock win.

Doug Edert also scored 13 points against the Kentucky Wildcats after his previous performance where he scored 20 points. Shaheen Holloway, the coach of Saint Peter stated that players like Daryl Banks III and Doug Edert participated in the game with a mission. He added by saying that people criticized them a lot for not having talented players and resources, still, they won the game as they have heart and that is enough to win a match. 

Saint Peter’s is a private and small Jesuit University that is situated in New Jersey. Murray State Basketball has a winning record of 21 games back-to-back which was broken by the Saint Peter’s and sent them to play in the pod of Sweet 16 which is situated in Philadelphia. Saint Pete’s was an underdog in front of Kentucky and also eliminated Murray State Basketball with an 8 point lead. 

Saint Peter’s will now face either Texas,  No.6 seed, or Purdue, No. 3 seed in the Sweet 16. In the views of Holloway, the players always had a dream of playing in the tournament of NCAA and he is extremely proud of them that they reached so far and will play the finals.