Pressure To Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent

Daylight Savings
Daylight Saving

There has been some buzz on social media about a proposal for a Senate to make permanent daylight saving time. This idea was unique and surprised a lot of people and they praised this idea to end the change of ‘fall back’ and ‘spring ahead’ in the clock. 

Permanent Daylight Saving Time Backed By Many People

This proposal came together with the long-time efforts of some businessmen who tried to increase the hours in a day to a maximum where American people can spend time buying commodities. The initiative to put efforts into making daylight saving time permanent was conducted by a group of people who plays golf so that people can be on the greens for more time in a year. 

The idea of permanent daylight saving time was supported by commerce people, golf lobbyists, and people who like to travel. The motive behind this idea was daylight after work can make people take a ride joyfully or go shopping or play golf. The idea was also supported by Jay Pea, the creator of the NGO, Save Standard Time who not only advocates standard time but also daylight saving time. 

Sen. Marco Rubio offered the Sunshine Protection Act which was finally passed on Tuesday. In the views of Rubio, the change will decrease the disorder of seasonal affective which mostly take place at the start of Winter and the end of fall, and will also allow children to play more outside. 

He also added that switching clocks have major disadvantages that must be made aware to the people like pedestrian and car accidents, or heart attacks. 

Tourism, recreation, and other sectors also support daylight saving time being permanent. This was stated by two operators of sightseeing floatplane in Alaska in their own legislature and this state has passed their personal decision to permanent daylight saving time.

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