Chinese grandmother, 103, recovers from coronavirus after being treated for less than a week

Chinese grandmother 103 recovers from coronavirus
Chinese grandmother 103 recovers from coronavirus

A 103-year-old grandma has recovered from the coronavirus following six-day treatment in Wuhan.

The centenarian, Zhang Guangfen, was released from the hospital yesterday evening.

She is so far the oldest coronavirus patient to recoup in China and two years older than the past recorder-holder, 101.

Ms. Zhang was restored inside not exactly seven days since ‘she didn’t have many basic health conditions’, her primary care physician Zeng Yulan stated.

The medical attendants alternated to coddle the patient and change diapers for her, said a lady, Liao Zhenhui, to nearby media Chutian Metropolis Daily.

Ms. Zhang progressively recouped subsequent to being given nonstop consideration and sustenance treatment meetings, Liao included.

‘The grandmother loved being complimented by the nurses,’ the matron continued.

‘She would smile and nod every time after I told her she looked pretty.’

Another centenarian who was contaminated with the coronavirus just after his 101st birthday has recouped in the wake of going through seven days in the hospital.

The previous patient, known by his surname Dai, was released a week ago from Wuhan Third Hospital.

Mr. Dai seemed to look ‘enthusiastic’ when he left the hospital, Li Lai, the lady told the press.

‘He often talked about his 92-year-old wife. He said he needed to get better soon so he could go home and take care of her,’ Li Lai added.

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