Representative Nancy Mace Support GOP And Kevin McCarthy On Debt Ceiling Strategy

Nancy Mace
Nancy Mace

Republican Representative Nancy Mace has said that her party would seek spending cuts and supported House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on the issue. She was quizzed broadly about her party’s agenda and was not limited to a narrow focus on a specific campaign.

Appearing on CNN, Nancy Mace endorsed McCarthy’s suggestion a week ago that a House controlled by the GOP would demand cuts in spending before agreeing to raise the debt ceiling. Such a strategy could lead America to default on its debt and cause economic chaos.

She said that she supports cuts in spending because the federal government imposed lockdowns across the countries.  She lied on that count because only state and other local governments imposed shutdowns.

Nancy Mace is part of the Oversight Committee in the House and said that the federal administration kept garnering record revenues but never chose to make any tough decisions.

Nancy Mace Said That She Would Support Republican Resistance To Remove Debt-Ceiling

Meanwhile, President Biden swore not to yield to Republican demands to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlement programs in lieu of circumventing the standoff over the debt ceiling. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has backed his stand.

Nancy Mace refused to be drawn on the possible price of such political and administrative uncertainty on workers and the economy. She only said that past bills had been passed through deficit spending and without allowing the Republicans to participate in the process. She said that they have attempted to reach out before but had been pushed out.

Nancy Mace referred to a bill filed earlier by her to stabilize the federal budget. She said that if that bill were pushed through, the country would not need to depend on the debt ceiling as a negotiation tool in the future.

She also cautioned giving blank checks to other nations, referring to Ukraine. She also advised the lifting of tariffs imposed by the Trump government on China. This she said would make goods cheaper.

Nancy Mace said that the administration should instead make it profitable for companies to return to America from China.

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