CBD Oil for Pets: Is it Safe for Puppies? 


One of the big questions several vets face today at their workplace is: “Is it safe to feed CBD oil to my puppy?” 

And the answer they often give is “Yes”. Like the other mammals, puppies also possess their endocannabinoid system. This helps them to interact with the CBD. 

If you are searching for CBD oils for your puppy or looking for the best type of CBD tincture, you must find the reason as to why your puppy needs it.  

Several behaviors and aspects are common in every puppy. If you never had a puppy before, several behaviors might seem unknown to you. It is completely understandable for you to worry about your canine.  

There are certain traits that we often ask dog lovers to watch in case they feel that their puppies need CBD. Such as –  

  • Has your puppy been overly aggressive? 
  • Are they anxious? 
  • Is he or she being the playful puppy-like others?

In the above states use of CBD can help your dog. However, since you are looking for CBD, companies like holista pet understand your dilemma and the need for the strains. However, we will like you to dive a bit deeper, as it is about your puppy. 

Let us help you understand the importance of cannabis like CBD and how safe it is for your dog. 

CBD Strains for Puppies 

CBD is one of the healthy alternatives to various medications. In the worst-case scenario, the puppies might face drowsiness or diarrhea. Keeping aside the side effects, studies have clearly shown that puppies consuming cannabis have a positive effect on their health. 

As per many researches, the endocannabinoid 2-AG is found a lot in breast milk. It helps the babies to survive by stimulating the suckling. This is closely associated with the CB1 receptors. Even various journals state that the endocannabinoid system plays key roles in pre-and postnatal development. 

Future studies will be able to clarify various mechanisms required in understanding the disadvantages of prenatal exposure. This will help to devise ways to find treatment for conditions like infertility, mental retardation, etc. 

The integration of cannabis in your dog’s diet can fill the gaps within the endocannabinoid system. This lowers the risk of diseases. Even providing the nursing mother dogs with cannabis can be helpful to prevent the endocannabinoid deficiency in the puppy.  

Vets today often recommends the use of CBD to treat the following conditions in a pooch: 

  • Anxiety or stress  
  • Cancer 
  • Cognitive issues 
  • Convulsions of various types 
  • Discomfort or Pain  
  • Epilepsy 
  • Gastrointestinal problems 
  • Loss of appetite

Well, most of the symptoms stated above might not occur in your puppies. The symptoms are independent, as no two puppies are alike. That’s expected as they are babies. Read this article about the common pet symptoms to understand whether they are sick or not. 


Symptoms in Puppies CBD Can Deal With  

Behavior and anxiety is something with which cannabis can help with. Especially if there is a case of the hyper puppy. The endocannabinoid system is a regulator and CBD acting on it can put everything on a balance. 

However, always a hyper puppy does not mean something is wrong with him or her. Puppies are very young so they can experience playfulness anytime that does not mean they are hyper.  

Their willingness to explore the world around a mature dog is always welcomed. Do remember, that lack of socialization might lead to aggressive nature in your puppy. So encourage your canine to be a sociable one.  

Results of Socialization Study 

If you come across this study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6067676/ you will understand the role of socialization in a puppy. The research shows that socialization has a large impact on his/her development to adulthood.  

Puppies can begin as early and will last till adulthood. And proper socialization can only be achieved through: 

  • Experiences 
  • Visting places 
  • Recognizing smells 
  • Looking at various sights 
  • Meeting different people 
  • Meeting other dogs 
  • Meeting various other pets rather than dogs 

What Are the Age-Appropriate Activities of A Puppy 

As mentioned earlier, not all activities in a puppy require the application of CBD. For example, you should bring a 3 or 5-week old puppy to the park.  

Additional Research is often conducted when it comes to puppies. There is plenty of research available to determine if they need adventure in their lives. Even if the adventure is very simple like playing a game. 

Consult a Vet 

It is important for your puppies’ situation with a holistic solution. Even you can visit a vet before concluding a theory. In case if you are considering CBD as an option for your dog, then take quick advice from your vet. 

Though CBD is safe without any adverse effects. The problems you see in your puppy may not be an actual problem to be treated with CBD rather it may be normal for their breed or age.  

Book a consultation with your vet as soon as possible to discuss the cannabis, its dosages. The consultation does not take much of your time and you may be able to determine why your puppy is acting in such a manner.  

Hope this article has been enlightening enough to understand whether you should use CBD on your puppies or not. Keep hooked to more holistic solutions about your pets and pet-related problems and stay connected.