Republicans And Democrats Need A New Path

South Dakota
South Dakota

After the Republicans swept the elections in Virginia, and almost won it in New Jersey, both the parties seem to be standing at a crossroad. For the Democrats, their period of power on Capitol Hill seems to be reaching a premature expiration date with the midterms coming up next year in 2022- which would need them to ask some pretty difficult questions.

Are they still capable of passing both the bipartisan infrastructure bill as well as the larger social spending bill? Also, they would also have to wrestle over ideas on how to win voters who previously couldn’t stand Donald Trump, but don’t seem to be liking the Democrats any better now. 

Republicans Have To Bring Out A New Course For 2024

The Republicans seem to be having their own struggle as well- does the victory of Glenn Youngkin in Virginia and the subsequent gains of the party in New Jersey provide them with a path ahead to more victories with Donald Trump?

And if that is the case, how would they reach that point? As of now, the path to a reality in the near future seems pretty uncertain and treacherous. But, it definitely exists and it will be made clear by the wins of the GOP this week, as stated by Bill Palatucci- a vital member of the party in New Jersey. 

Jack Ciattarelli, one of the Republicans from New Jersey, had surprisingly brought forth a far stronger challenge to Phil Murphy, a Democrat than was expected. And the state Senate President, Steve Sweeney- one of the most imposing and powerful politicians in the state- was on course to be defeated by a GOP truck driver named Ed Durr. 

Among the Republicans who have harbored hopes of a presidential run in 2024, Christie has been one of the most passionate in challenging the GOP to progress beyond Trump. Palatucci has also predicted that the party would be moving in that direction. 

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