Nancy Pelosi On The Two Priorities Of President Biden 

nancy pelosi
nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, made an announcement with regard to the two important bills that are currently being talked about by the lawmakers in the United States of America that are the infrastructure bill and the trillion-dollar bill. In the statement, she stated she gave away information on what she had planned to do, concerning the said bills. It was stated that a total of two votes would be held. This was a present that Nancy Pelosi had written to her colleagues.

Nancy Pelosi’s Letter

The content of the letter that was written by the 81-year-old House Speaker, involved a few words on how thankful she was towards her colleagues. She thanked them for carrying out “intense dialogue” when it came to the bills. Those two bills are the two great priorities of Joe Biden, the current President of the country. It was also mentioned that the intensity will continue as the lawmakers were to pass the important legislation on jobs, the Infrastructure Framework, a bipartisan affair, and the Build Back Better Act. This was to take place in the coming week as stated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

The Democratic Politician attached a link to a document that she sent to the Democratic lawmakers. The link led to tax and the spending bill. There are a total of 2,465 pages concerning the two bills. The bills will now be sent to the budget committee for their considerations, it will be done so this Saturday.

Nancy Pelosi also wrote that appropriate changes will be made according to the negotiations. Hakeem Jeffrie, the Representative from the state of New York, expressed his positivity with regard to the bills. He stated that there is a possibility for both the bills to be passed.