Filibuster Rule Addressed By President Joe Biden

Filibuster Rules
Filibuster Rules

Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America, expressed his support for the rule of “talking filibuster.” This took place this Thursday. The motive behind his supporting the rule was to block the bills by the members of the minority party. Joe Biden also gave an indication that he was ready to overhaul the filibuster rule. This type of indication is given by him for the first time.

Filibuster Is Exploited, According To Biden

The president had the first press conference since he took the office. Here, a lot of questions were asked on the subject of the threshold of the 60-votes. In his reply, the president stated that the threshold was getting exploited. He stated that people were taking advantage of it in a “gigantic” manner. 

President Biden stated that it is better for the rule that is prevalent, to be retrogressed into the system of talking filibuster. The system of the silent filibuster was changed sometime in the 1970s. It was stated that people had to keep talking until they could not. And then the Senate could carry on with their work. He added that he is willing to support the act.

The views of the president with regard to the filibuster come from the fact that his agendas stand to be threatened. This is because of the threshold of the 60-votes on the floor of the US Senate. The situation in the Senate currently is that it stands to be divided between the members of the Democratic party and those of the Republican party with a 50-50 ratio. President Joe Biden claimed that he aims to make negotiations and progress towards his goal. As for now, the members of the Democratic party lack the required votes in the Senate to do away with the filibuster rule. 

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