Nancy Pelosi Said Targeting Of Political Enemies By Trump’s DOJ Went Beyond Nixon!

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Spending Bill

On Saturday, Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker said that the nefarious actions of the DOJ of Trump went beyond the actions of former US President Richard Nixon. The decision of the Justice Department of the Trump-era even went beyond the illegal and nefarious action taken by former US President Richard Nixon. Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California firmly believes that Rod Rosenstein, former Dep. Attorney General, and Attorney Generals William Barr and Jeff Sessions must testify and speak before Congress. She believes that the actions of the Department of Justice and the former President’s leadership went beyond the nefarious actions committed by Richard Nixon

Nancy Pelosi Added That The White House Will Be Reviewing The Matter!

Nixon used to have his own enemies list. The Department of Justice of the Trump era managed to undermine the rule of the law. On Sunday’s popular program on CNN, Nancy Pelosi said this to Dana Bash of CNN. In 2018, the actions of the Trump administration along with its prosecutors subpoenaed Apple company for the data present inside the Committee Of House Intelligence. Trump wanted the data of the committee members and the Democrats including their family members and staff as a significant portion of an investigation. 

The prosecutors wanted to know the sources which leaked the news story regarding contacts between Trump associates and Russia. According to Nancy Pelosi, Reps. Eric Swalwell from California and Adam Schiff, the one chairing the committee were targeted. Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, also added that the White House will be reviewing the matter. The Inspector-General of the Department of Justice will also look whether there is anything unethical about the investigation regarding this Committee of House Intelligence. 

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