Nancy Pelosi Tested Positive For The COVID-19 After Meeting the Texas Democrats

nancy pelosi
nancy pelosi

Speaker Nancy Pelosi along with another official from the White House caught positive for the virus after they came into proximity with the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi had helped and guided the Texans to halt their conservative state from passing the latest voting restrictions in the Capitol.

Six of the Texans were found to be COVID-19 positive which led to concerns regarding the federal lawmakers. Kamala Harris had tested negative for the virus, even after coming in contact with the Democrats.

How Is Nancy Pelosi’s Office Faring Without Her Presence 

The Speaker’s Office had communicated that the Office was working as remotely as possible except for the people who had tested negative or had no contact with the infected.

Drew Hammill, who is a chief under Nancy Pelosi, stated that the advice of the Attending Physicians would be closely followed.

Jen Psaki briefed that a vaccinated House Official was tested positive and that he was kept off-campus while they waited for a PCR test to confirm. The medical unit of the White House had traced all his contacts and found nothing significant or related to the White House or Joe Biden.

Jen also confirmed that such a case was not the first in the House. Vaccinated Employees have tested positive in other instances which were not reported as they were uncommissioned officers. The White House promised to release its information only if the officers were commissioned. The officers who are commissioned hold a higher rank than the uncommissioned ones, as they directly work under the President.

Psaki was also asked if the infected person was a commissioned officer, to which she replied that it was not. Axios had reported the case before the House’s official Public statement on the infection. Walensky mentioned that the Delta variant of the virus accounted for 83 percent of the COVID-19 statistics in the United States. Nancy Pelosi and the official had tested positive even after they were fully vaccinated, so it has struck some fear among some Americans. The transmissible virus is again building up fear and uncertainty among Americans. 60 percent of Americans have been vaccinated with the first shot but the rates of vaccination have been seen to be dragged.