Oakland & Athletics Fight Over Rights For Ballpark At Waterfront


Oakland provided the list of conditions for the waterfront. The judgment was passed about the ballpark this Tuesday. The authorities of Oakland City carried out a voting process to reach a decision. The proposal got a 6-1 vote in favor of the park. However, by the end of the conference, confusions seem to creep up. There was uncertainty over the continuing tug of war between the team and City. 

Oakland Athletics Not Impressed With The Council’s Flex Of Authority

The unavailing list of conditions was laid down by the officials of the O.City. They provided detailed information about the list for the ballpark which was earlier proposed. Voting was done to reach the decision which left the Athletics frowning.

Needless to say, the Athletics did not welcome the decision with open arms. Dave Kaval, who is their President expressed his disgust. He clearly stated this was a move that won’t be viable to them. He also said that a vote in favor of the O.City was equal to null. Kaval voiced his concerns pointing to some of the amendments done. Coverage of housing that was affordable, Protections towards non-displacement were the main areas of concern. Kaval emphasized that these clauses had words that did not serve the harmony of the cause. 

Rob Manfred Commissioner of the MLS echoed Kaval’s concerns. He stated that Athletics has done a lot for the welfare of the team. Financial investments, labor, etc were perfectly executed for the team to flourish. Manfred felt the Athletics had done enough to remain as the solitary sponsor of the team. 

The Oakland Athletics proposed to sponsor the waterfront park privately. The O.City countered this which was termed vague and unclear by Kaval. The crack seems to be widening up between the two. One can only hope it doesn’t get worse to the point that affects the team’s performance.