Nancy Pelosi Unwilling To Halt $3.5 Dollar economic Package 

nancy pelosi
nancy pelosi

A halt on the $3.5 million economic packages is not expected to be seen after Nancy Pelosi rejected Senator Manchin’s demand. Questioning on the matter of satisfying the majority for the President’s domestic agenda, Pelosi showed disagreement.

Manchin indicated to his colleagues $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion could be the acceptable amount for Democrat’s reconciliation bill. He also suggested a minor change in the 2017 tax law can brew enough for the bill payment. He has shown a slight interest in negotiation, but that is a fragment of the package initially proposed, which is $3.5 trillion.

A Collision Between Manchin And Nancy Pelosi

Pushing an economic package of multi-trillion at an uncertain time for democrats is a sign of them trying to increase government spending on the arisen crisis. 

Nancy Pelosi agreed to hold the vote on the infrastructure bill by September 27. But it is unsure if the infrastructure bill will make it to Biden’s desk if the reconciliation proposal is not passed through Sennet. September 15 is expected to be the deadline for the reconciliation proposal.

The House Natural Resources and Oversight Committees are finished with their votes on the $3.5 trillion package and are meeting beforehand to advance the bill. 

There is a possibility of adding the Debt ceiling hike to the budget reconciliation budget process. Rejection of GOP calls is proof that they are going down that road. As there is a chance of blocking the debt ceiling bill, Pelosi said that they have other options. As the White House is about to send its request for the programs to include a makeshift funding bill, Pelosi stated along with reconciliation, infrastructure, and CR; they will have to do a Debt ceiling.

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