Anger Over Texas Immigration Laws Reignites The Debate Over Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” Statute

Texas Immigration Law

The Supreme Court may ultimately have the chance to review a landmark decision that essentially overturned Arizona’s “show me your papers” legislation and upheld the federal government’s “broad, undoubted power” over immigration, as a result of the legal struggle over a contentious Texas immigration law. The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans heard a reopening hearing for Texas‘ SB 4, which permits law enforcement to detain and arrest anyone who they believe is entering the nation illegally, on Wednesday. Three judges stopped the measure, putting it on hold while they examined its constitutionality. On Wednesday, the same panel heard arguments. 

The Law Meant To Discourage Illegal Texas Immigration, Becomes A Key Source Of Inspiration

The Arizona v. United States case from 2012, in which the Supreme Court invalidated several parts of Arizona legislation SB 1070, which was meant to discourage illegal Texas immigration, was a key source of inspiration for the majority opinion in the 2-1 decision this month. Legal experts predict that the Texas case may eventually present the conservative majority on the Supreme Court with an opportunity to reconsider the federal government’s long-standing authority over immigration laws.

Regarding the potential for the Supreme Court to overrule its 2012 decision, immigration law specialist and Georgetown Law professor Andrew Schoenholtz remarked, “This would be probably one of the most radical changes the Supreme Court has made in the immigration field.” “Texas is asking for that much of a change.” Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, conceded that the matter may return to the Supreme Court when he signed the legislation.