The San Diego Padres: Why Have Become The Underdogs In The Wild Card Race


The SD Padres hold a 1-game lead for the last postseason berth. The Giants and the Dodgers have performed so well that it is impossible for the Padres to climb to the top wild-card spot or to win the division. This is the only way for them to get a 2nd straight playoff and a chance to utilize their latest roster investments.

It is considered to be a good thing to have a lead of any sort in September. These comforts are offset by the upcoming schedule for the Padres as it put them at a massive disadvantage.

The team had performed well in an unbalanced schedule in a tough division, which is the NL West. The last 25 games might bring in an extreme level of pressure for the team.

The Facts That Offer A Disadvantage For The Padres Right Now

The Padres have the toughest schedule right now as per the opponent’s win percentage. Their opponents have an average win percentage of 0.592 which is the same as playing against the Brewers in every game for the rest of the season.

They have a schedule that is way tougher than the second-ranked Diamondbacks (0.554), in the average win percentage list. 

The Padres’ remaining game sees them face the Angels (twice), Dodgers (6 games), Braves (4 games), Giants (ten games), and the Cardinals for 3 more games. So, after their game against Angels, they will face the top 2 teams in the NL for 16 more games, the NL East toppers for 4, and the Cardinals for 3. 

Out of these 25 games, 16 will be away. The team has a record of 43-30 at home but only 30-34 while being on the road.

The major disparity in the schedule is the major reason why Padres have a 21% chance of attaining the wild card slots even though they are in a good position right now.

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