Joey Lawrence Bagged Another Once In A Lifetime Experience

Joey Lawrence

Frankie Meets Jack is going to hit the theatre soon. Joey Lawrence co-wrote and starred in this movie along with his wife Samantha Cope and Anne Heche. The industry lost unexpectedly last year in August. This is going to stream on Tubi coming Friday. He considers himself a lucky lad, he got the chance to work with such a legendary actress. And couldn’t fathom when he lost her. In Joey’s words, she was a ray of sunshine in human form.

Anne Heche’s Presence Made Joey Lawrence Confident 

In Joey Lawrence’s own words, Anne Heche was a ray of sunshine, if anyone sees her face their day is made. And technically she made Joey’s every day. Even after being such a legendary actress, she made everyone on the crew comfortable and at ease. Joey Lawrence’s co-written work Frankie Meets Jack, Anne Heche played a very small part. She was Frankie’s mother.

Joey Lawrence shared Anne wrapped up her part within two-3 days. They didn’t have to edit so much even, she was so talented, and moreover, she added spice to her character. Whenever she arrived at the set brought so, much love and light, and everyone had fun when she was around. And  Anne Heche was such a down-to-earth person she had fun with everyone, Joey Lawrence, Samantha Cope, and even other crew as well.

Joey Lawrence went on a journey to praise Anne Heche, he didn’t even miss the tiniest details of her. Her work ethic and professionalism were top-notch, and her warm personality was a cherry on the top. The way she invested herself was something remarkable thing to do even after being in such great movies, she gave her best of the best. And never let her aura outshine any other actor on set.

To Joey Lawrence she was a mentor, even her last Instagram post was with her, which touched Joey’s heart. She made everyone feel like a big family and eased the tension or the nervousness of being on the set.