Ron DeSantis To Challenge The Recent Court Order!

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis has warned to challenge the recent court order in the Supreme Court! On Monday, Ron DeSantis, Republican Governor, Florida, said that the state will continue to fight this recent court order. 

Ron DeSantis Confident About Winning In The Supreme Court!

The recent order of the court had left CDC restrictions on all the cruise ships amidst this coronavirus pandemic. He addressed this ruling while taking part in a press conference. In that conference, DeSantis claimed that his administration will not be taking it lying down. They will be pursuing the legal options present at their disposal. They will challenge the ruling either in a lower court or at the Supreme Court. On late Saturday, the panel present inside the US Circuit Appeals Court granted a temporary stay.

The ruling arrived a few months after Ron DeSantis announced that the state has slapped a lawsuit against the federal govt. The main argument of the administration of Ron DeSantis was that the CDC appeared to be overstepping the boundaries of its authorities regarding health requirements and sailing orders for ships. 

Under the orders of the agency, the cruise lines needed to adhere and stick to certain safety and testing measures before venturing on the waters. These orders were created by the agency last year after some cases of Coronavirus outbreaks were reported on cruises. On Monday, he commented in Poinciana that his state will be challenging this recent court order. Ron DeSantis also announced that he is confident about winning inside the Supreme Court of the United States of America. He believes that the legal battle which is ongoing now is bigger and larger than the case of his state. Cruise ships are an important and powerful industry of the state!

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