Brit Taylor Dedicates Kentucky Blues To The Mourners

Brit Taylor

Brit Taylor’s idol Loretta Lynn passed away earlier this month. And regrets she couldn’t meet the legendary singer and tell her how much she has inspired her to become who she is now. Coming from the same state and her journey, she wanted to share but couldn’t.

Brit Taylor’s Career Inspired By Legendary Singer Loretta Lynn

Brit Taylor shares how much she misses her idol and how much it ‘hurts’ that she isn’t around anymore. She dreamt of working with her one day. When she heard about the legend’s death she didn’t want to believe it.

Her song ‘Kentucky Blue’ is totally inspired by Loretta Lynn, from lyrics to tune made during the pandemic, which Taylor feels “somewhat haunting”. The song Kentucky Blue is a beautiful song but the singer feels it came out during the darkest time in the world. Kimberly Kelly wrote the song along with Brit Taylor and Adam Wright. Taylor being from Kentucky made Kimberly write a song to represent her in some way, but Taylor wasn’t feeling ‘blue’ that day.

Three years later Brit Taylor dedicated the song to Loretta Lynn along with Leslie Jordan, and this song will hit many mourners who are healing from the loss of two amazing people. Many will remember this song because of what it says, and what can be felt. Leslie Jordan made the way for the LGBTQ community the way nobody did before. All Taylor was trying to bring comfort to her audiences.

The producer Sturgill Simpson loved the minute he heard it and was confident about it being on the record. Brit Taylor further elaborates on the song and the lyrics that when she first heard it it was a floaty song to her with the music and tunes everything, but if one focuses on the lyrics it brings the somberness and the feeling of ‘blue’ stays in.

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